Can We Use A Fresh Water Trolling Motor In Saltwater?

To answer the question, the answer will be partial yes and a partial no. The main area where the problem occurs is when you use the motor in the salt water the salt corrodes the metal and the lifespan on the motor will be reduced. To suit working in the salt there should be certain changes in the mortar. The motor should have stainless steel hardware, the electrical connections should be sealed,and certainly, advanced painting has to be implemented for the corrosion protection. When you need to use the best trolling motor in salt water make sure these requirements are matched.

Measures to save protect a motor after using them in the salt water

Here are certain methods and protective measures when you need to use your motor in the salt water. When it is a onetime process it can be more newport trolling motorcomfortable since the rinsing of the salt can be easier but in the case when you need to use your boat into the ocean permanently where the mortar will be exposed to the higher density of salt, you need to take specific measures.

Connect certain sacrificial nodes

The sacrificial nodes are used to prevent corrosion of the metal from salt water. The anode will corrode so that you mortar will not have a higher impact of corrosion but need to monitor the anode regularly and replace if required to have efficient work for them.

Do not leave the boat submerged

When your boat is moored, you should not leave them submerged and to protect it is necessary to rinse the motor with fresh water all the time when you use them in the salt water,and this may resist rusting.

Painting prevents rusting

For any metal to be prevented from rusting it is necessary to paint them. You can also apply temporary painting on the metal surface of your motor when you need to expose them into the salt water,and you can remove the paint after taking them out from the water.

Usage of an odization

An electric coating called anodization on the metal can prevent the metal from being corroded. On applying the electric current, a rust resistive layer is formed on the surface of the metal. This is one of the measures that you may take if you need your motor to be in the salt water for a longer time.

Usage of sprays

There are certain sprays available in the market that is used to prevent the rusting and corroding of metal. The spray comes in the refillable type that can be easily filled with the chemicals and used to prevent rusting. There are different salt-off types of sprays that are available in the market.

To have higher efficiency do specific research and make sure you purchase the best motor and ask for the value of them when exposed in o the salt water. It is always important to choose the best saltwater motor to have optimum use out of it.

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